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Multidisciplinary Projects 

Air, visual concert for nomads


Aire - Concert for Nomads" is a cinematic, musical and poetic concert that travels through New York, Rome, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and Buenos Aires, for those seeking permanently, never having the feeling of forever.


The piece is designed as a site-specific multimedia poetic concert, conceived from an original musical suite of composer and double bass player Javier Moreno, and developed as a collaboration into an allegory of images created by filmmaker Laia Cabrera and projection-designer and animator Isabelle Duverger. The video mapped projection design merges with performing arts by featuring live poetry and an international concert ensemble.


Exploring the nomadic nature of our lives in a geographical and emotional level, we invite the viewer on an adventure through the senses, where love and journey are inseparable fellows from an odyssey on the eternal coexistence with the ephemeral and the reality of dreams.


We use cinema, music and performing arts to challenge all preconceptions, including narrative structure, logical thinking, or boundaries with the audience.

Título secundario


-Improvisarte, a musical proposal that engages multidisciplinary art throughout a real time intermixture between a free jazz improvisation,  drawing and musical composition. The pleasure to improvise by improvising. Play by playing. Draw by drawing.  Compose by composing.



The project itself is searching to seed a vanishing point whose mission is to materialize the inspirational environment of a collective   “performance- jam session" (Broadcast stream from the Spanish cultural center of Buenos Aires) between four musicians,  and four drawing- artists, into a contemporary musical composition for Jazz quartet and twelve camera musicians, based on the audio- visual recording resultant from the performance, and the selection of four resulting drawings elected by a visual artistic commission (Drawers, painters)  after the show.


The recording of the musical suite composition, will be edited by the argentinean label blue art, and a short selected part of it will be searched as a soundtrack for a video- animation; which will travel supported by AECID (Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation) materialized as a simple  video- exposition- installation to all the spanish cultural centers in Latin America and all the embassy cultural offices who already supported the project. 


A premier- release- performance will take place in New York after the release of the CD. 


Improvisarte is a live project.  An explosion of creativity transmitted by streaming to the whole World.  An interactive event that from Buenos Aires looks for searching in two different moments, and  with the support of all spanish cultural centers (Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation) to internationalize contemporary spanish  and "Latinomerican" art,   educating audiences,  breaking creative  and spacial borders in order to get the maximum potential from the current challenge that new  ways of multimedia and communication are gifting to the art world. 

Discography as a leader 

Marais del Sueño

Label: Fresh Sound New Talent 

Recorded: 2013

Released: 2014

Featuring: George Dulin: Piano, Gerald Cleaver: Drums, Tony Malaby: Saxes. Javier Moreno: Double Bass, and compositions.





Label: Fresh Sound New Talent

Recorded: 2009

Released: 2015

Featuring: Tony Moreno: Drums, George Dulin: Piano, George Garzone (Special guest): Tenor Sax, Javier Moreno: Double Bass and compositions 



Discography  as a coleader 

Musgo y Luna 

The Band: Hermanos Quartet: Marcello Allulli, Francesco Diodatti, Ermanno Baron, Javier Moreno. 

Label: Zona di Jazz (Italy)

Recorded and Released: May 2014

Coleaded by Marcello Allulli and Javier Moreno (Compositions) 



Kunveno Project

Recorded and Released: 2011

Label: Independent 

Coleaded by Clara Luna (Voice and Compositions), and Javier Moreno (Bass and Compositions)

Featuring: Albert Bover: Piano, Xavi Maureta: Drums, Bartolomeo Barenghi: Guitar, and Gabriel Amargant: Sax. 



Bajo Cero. 



Recorded and Released: 2010

Coleaded by: Ramón Prats: Drums, Eva Novoa: Piano, Javier Moreno: Double bass. 

Relojeros ya no quedan


Recorded: March 2015 

Released: January 2015

Label: Blue Art

Featuring: Ernesto Jodos, piano and compositions, Sergio Verdinelli: Drums and compositions, Javier Moreno Double Bass and compositions, Rodrigo Dominguez: Saxes and compositions. 

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