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Leader Projects 

Promo video from "Marais del Sueño": Album released by the Label Fresh Sound New Talent: April 2014 featuring: George Dulin, Tony Malaby, and Gerald Cleaver

Promo video from "Aire, visual concert for nomads": Recorded "Live" at the Tempietto di Bramante" June 2014, DVD released in September 2015. 

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Promo video from "Brisa", Released in 2011 by the Label Fresh Sound New Talent. Featuring: Tony Moreno, George Dulin and as a special guest George Garzone. 

Sideman Projects with people I admire 

Gerald Cleaver "Uncle June". January 2011 , Featuring: Tony Malaby, Gerald Cleaver, Mat Manery, Andrew Bishop, and Craig Taborn. 

Performing with David Dorantes, July 2012. At "San Javier Jazz Festival"

Collaborative Projects 

Recording in Buenos Aires, the first take of our new record "Duérmete mundo"  "La Nana de Falla", Clara Luna, Javier Moreno "Kunveno". To be released in2016. 

Live in Buenos Aires Jazz Festival with Susana Santos. Nov 2014. 

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